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ALF Applicances

Advanced Lightwire Functionals

Without Braces

The most common way to straighten teeth is by using braces. But there are other ways, non-traditional ones such as Advanced Lightwire Functionals (ALF Appliances), that address the underlying causes for crooked teeth. Locked up bones in the cranium, mouth breathing, tongue position, habits like thumb sucking, nutrition, posture, genetics: they all have an effect on how the face grows, the jaws form, and the teeth line up. Light, flexible wires for orthodontic treatment is more than just a way to create a beautiful smile – it is a preventive health approach.

  • Advantages

    • Barely visible which makes it cosmetically pleasing
    • Much more comfortable than braces

  • Why choose ALF?

    • Using a whole body approach: rather than dictating the position of every single tooth we use minimal force to allow the teeth to settle in a neutral zone. This makes the long-term results more stable.
    • Producing orthopedic effects: using teeth as handles to affect cranial bones
    • Preserving and improving the airway
    • Enhancing TMJ Health
    • Releasing cranial strains
    • Addressing some of the underlying causes for misaligned teeth and bite problems: tongue posture and swallowing, breathing and lip seal, nutrition and chewing
    • Leading to straight teeth and a beautiful smile as a natural treatment outcome

  • Results

    • A beautiful smile, boosting self-confidence and acceptance
    • Well-developed faces, minimizing the risk for TMJ problems
    • Improved airway health, reducing the risk for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

Looking for more information about ALF Appliances?
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