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What do the Jaw Joint, Breathing and Orthodontics have in common?

Straight to the Source

TMJ, Sleep Therapy & Airway Orthodontics specializes in preventing and treating headaches, TMJ/TMD and sleep breathing disorders as well as comprehensive orthodontics centered around breathing. The main cause of temporomandibular joint pain is directly correlated with breathing problems (sleep apnea, snoring, mouth breathing), chronic pain, and physical trauma. If left untreated, TMJ disorders can lead to chronic headaches, neck pain, and migraines.

Mindful orthodontic treatment can cure and prevent breathing disorders in both children and many adults. Braces and wires are not necessary for all patients, though a detailed, thoughtful personalized evaluation is absolutely imperative to ensure maximum improvement. Dr. Elizabeth Walker and her team take a holistic approach to get straight to the source of pain or the problem. You’ll soon discover their commitment to personalized care for you and your loved ones.

August 2017

I came to Dr. Elizabeth Walker with jaw pain that made it difficult to eat and kept me awake at night. With a simple "Band Aid", as she called it, she made me more comfortable immediatley while we worked on a long term solution.

The solution was eye-opening, to say the least. I was astonished to be shown that I had an airway restriction that limited my breathing by 50%. No wonder I had felt in recent years that I was operating on half steam, I was! As I learned more about it, I realized that my quality of life and activites had declined slowly over the last few years and at 60 I suspected it was part of the aging process. 

This airway restriction had changed the way my head sat on my neck (in an effort to get more air), which contributed to the jaw pain, chronic lower back pain, my aversion in the last few years to exercise, especially cardio (which affected weight gain) and even the way my teeth were crowding. 

I was fitted with day time and night time clear plastic orthotics made from a mold of my teeth. The day time orthotic was only worn on the bottom teeth and no one noticed I was wearing it. The biggest surprise was that I needed to wear it even during eating, but I soon became accustomed to that. Dr. Walker was very responsive about any inital adjustments necessary to make it comfortable, and much of the time I would forget I had it in.

Now at the end of my treatment, scans show that the airway volume available to me has increased dramatically. My head sits on my neck without torqueing forward for air, my sleep has improved and I am exercising again and enjoying it. My jaw feels better and wonder of wonders, activites that used to make my lower back flair up no longer cause pain. This has been life changing in ways I never expected. 

-Judith G.


Dr Walker and staff are fantastic. Made a stressful procedure for our son very comfortable and stress free. Would recommend them above many other places.

Thorsten Evans

I've only been coming to Dr. Walker for less than two months now. I already love her and her staff. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Dr. Walker is all about her patients and helping them in a reasonable timeframe. She answered any and every question I had. Explained everything in a way I understood. I am beyond lucky to be working with this team!

Danielle Adams Jacques

When you go to TMJ, Sleep Therapy & Airway Orthodontics, the people who work there don’t just treat you like a patient, but they treat you as a friend. The front desk staff are extremely caring and friendly as well as the many dental staff assistants. One of the many cool things about this practice is that they reward you for things such as taking well care of your braces and well brushed teeth. If you are in need of orthodontic care this is the place to go. Dr. Walker is the best!

Betty Barsoian

Excellent care from Dr. Walker. Saved my life from Sleep Apnea.

Liz Curran